Harry Backhouse. English teacher, new father and world class ditherer. Through a series of unlikely events I now find myself living in Blantyre, Malawi, Beijing, China Brunei, Borneo with my pale, ginger wife, Sarah, and even paler baby toddler  son, known as noun, and his younger brother,a hyperactive ginger two year old known as rat. I’m teaching at an international school andfor the first time, running a department. This blog is to record my observations and to chronicle the many, many mistakes I shall make along the way.

Plus ca change . . .


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Emily Pocock

    Hi Sir,
    If you so happen to be back in England on the 23rd of May then it would be fabulous if you could come to our Wellsway Leavers, Joe Money’s table has a spare seat and I think you would make his life if you came (assuming you’re around)!

  2. Simon Clark

    Hi Sir!

    Hope you don’t mind me tracking down your blog (Holmes-like detection was needed, I assure you – I had to google your name and scroll down and /everything/…) but I thought I should say hello! Let me know if you’re active on twitter or facebook, as it would be really great to hear from you. I’m currently studying for a PhD at the University of Exeter after doing 4 years at Oxford. Still yet to pick up the creative writing again, but I’m about to start writing an e-book on the history of physics and might even be lecturing this year, so might need to write some notes for that. I still haven’t abandoned that novel I was writing all that time ago though…

    All the very best, and very much hoping to hear from you


  3. Shairah

    So I just noticed you have a blog, and you were once writing about Malawi. I’m not sure you remember me, but if you don’t I’ll be disappointed. I miss you teaching at saints but I hope you’re having an amazing time in China!

  4. Neil Molitoris

    Hello Mr. Backhouse,

    How are you sir? I hope you are finding your new abode to you and your families liking. I hope you do not mind me tracking you down via a personal blog. I am writing because I wanted to get in touch with you once again in regards to the guidance and kind introduction you had shared at Harrow International in Beijing with an aspiring PGCE candidate and future educator such as yourself. If you are able to find a moment, I would be incredibly grateful if you can answer a few more questions I have for yourself. Much obliged Mr. Backhouse.


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